• Decorative Sofa Cushions

    Sofa cushions: choose your exclusive style

    In our tailoring laboratory, thanks to the skill of our seamstresses and the imagination and creativity of our designers, we create exclusive collections of sofa cushions always in line with the latest fashion and furnishing trends.

    Maravica sofa cushions give your furniture a very personal touch of style. Our cushion collections include fine silk cushions, velvet cushions, luxurious jacquards, exclusive prints to embellish your home with exclusivity.

    To make your living area unique and exclusive, we create elegant living room cushions, special handmade cushions, custom-made cushions in the most varied shapes: rectangular cushions, large cushions, square cushions.

    Attentive to your needs, we create personalized cushions and tailor-made cushions for sale online. For info and quotes contact us

    Attentive to your needs, we create personalized cushions and custom-made cushions for sale online for info and quotes. Contact us

  • Bedroom Cushions

    Bedroom furniture cushions, the luxury and comfort you need

    The most original and exclusive models of decorative bed cushions are born from the creativity of our stylists and the skilled hands of our seamstresses.

    We create special furniture cushions for double beds, exclusive headboard cushions and sets of cushions from the most classic to the brightest shades.

    You can choose your style:

    Luxury & Glam - elegant furniture cushions for those who love to always be fashionable, and follow the trends of home design.

    Modern & Contemporary - modern furniture cushions, contemporary design cushions.

    Shabby chic - shabby chic furniture cushions for those who love the romantic style

    Country chic - country furniture cushions with warm nuances inspired by the colors of the countryside.

    Custom cushions and custom-made cushions in exclusive online sales for information and quotes contact us

  • Cushions Outdoor

    Colorful Throw pillow outdoor: liven up garden or your outdoor

    Outdoor cushions are inevitable accessories in a garden or on a terrace, as well as giving color and style make the living area comfortable and comfortable.

    In recent years, the majolica print furniture cushions, Sicilian style cushions, Sicilian cushions with prickly pears, Sicilian cart decorative cushions, marine style cushions, all colorful that make your outdoor unique.

    We make decorative cushions for garden furniture, made-to-measure waterproof outdoor cushions.

    Original floor cushions, set of coordinated cushions and personalized cushions for sale online on our store.

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