• Sicilian Style...

    Sicilian cushions: artfully furnish your rooms in Mediterranean style

    Sicilian style furnishing cushions handmade in our tailoring workshops in Sicily, with high quality % cotton fabrics to guarantee their durability over time.

    The decorative cushions, thanks to the Mediterranean patterns in the warm and lively colors typical of the Sicilian ceramics of Caltagirone, are original furnishing accessories perfect for your interior environments, but also to embellish your outdoors.

    The Mediterranean style handcrafted cushions are perfect for decorating terrace sofas, garden and pool beds.

    For a glamorous and trendy effect you can combine the various patterns of cushions on sale online on our site, they can be combined with beach towels, to furnish your poolside with Sicilian art, the towels can be made to measure for your pool lounger.

    The entirely handcrafted Sicilian patterned cushions are customizable in finishes and dimensions, we can create square cushions, rectangular cushions, floor cushions, tailor-made cushions for your sofas and armchairs.

  • Modern Design Cushions

    Exclusive cushions for refined and timeless furnishings

    Made in Italy craftsmanship and quality distinguish the luxurious padded cushions by Maravica. The cushions of the luxury collection are designed and created to furnish designer homes, luxury residences, luxury hotels, professional studios.

    The padded cushions are refined and elegant accessories which, with their particular design, together with the fine fabrics with which they are made, aim to help enhance important environments.

    For luxury furnishings, absolutely trendy furnishing cushions cannot be missing, which stand out for a combination of refinement, elegance and italian exclusivity.

    The luxury furnishing cushions by Maravica are designed and made in our tailoring workshop, handcrafted with absolute attention to design and details.

    The Maravica luxury furnishing cushions are fine fabrics obtained with traditional but at the same time cutting-edge weaving techniques to guarantee high quality.

    To guarantee exclusivity, the cushions in the luxury collection are produced in limited quantities.

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  • Classic Throw Pillows

    Elegant throw pillow for your luxury home

    Luxury and refined nuances, precious fabrics, exclusive articles from the sartorial workmanship

    The furniture cushions of the Luxury collection by are not only furnishing accessories, they are luxury objects, they are elegant and precious decorative objects.

    The furniture cushions proposed elegantly furnish homes, halls and hotels

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