Home decor trends 2022

2022 decor trends for your glamorous and chic home

Never as this year do we need to renovate our home to create an atmosphere of positivity and harmony, we offer you a guide to the latest furnishing trends, we offer you a wide selection of furnishing textiles from which to draw inspiration to customize with the style that your home prefers. Linear and functional furniture is the trend of 2022, an environment with clean and tidy lines soothes and lifts the mood.


Curious and intriguing: this is how Pantone defines Very Peri (PANTONE 17-3938), color of the year 2022.

Embracing the qualities of blues but at the same time possessing a purple-red undertone, PANTONE 17-3938 Very Peri displays a lively and joyful attitude, a dynamic presence that encourages daring creativity and imaginative expressiveness.

Laurie Pressman, Vice President of the Pantone Color Institute says, “By creating a new color for the first time in the history of our Pantone Color of the Year educational color program, we reflect the global innovation and transformation taking place. As society continues to recognize color as a fundamental form of communication and a way of expressing, influencing and creating ideas and emotions, of engagement and connection, the complexity of this new red-purple-infused blue hue highlights the boundless possibilities that unfold. in front of us."

Textile furnishing accessories must 2022

To embellish and decorate the rooms, you can easily resort to textile accessories such as cushions, for example the bright yellow is very effective when combined with a gray sofa. Different and always trendy atmospheres can be obtained by combining cushions of different sizes, different colors and different fabrics and designs, a truly glamorous touch to insert textiles that recall gold.

Trend fabrics 2022

Natural fabrics are the protagonists of the year: cotton, linen and wool are some of the fabrics that give the environment a comfortable and warm atmosphere., Various combinations can be created by layering the textile accessories: a tablecloth with runners, on the bed blankets, bedspreads, bed runners, soft plaids in shades lying on the sofa, with matching decorative cushions. The choice of high quality materials is important, respecting the concept of sustainability, very dear to the new generations, we create furnishing textiles that can last over time, avoiding unnecessary waste.

Cozy and chic style

The furniture trends for this year refer to a luxurious and elegant style with retro elements. For an elegant and refined effect, a symmetrical organization of spaces is preferred, noble and refined colors, glass elements, many mirrors, golden details for a glam touch. For the d'addero textiles we choose important and precious fabrics such as velvet and damask.

Home decor trends 2022

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