Christmas decor

Handmade Christmas decor for chic and glam decorations

Decorate your Christmas tree with Christmas balls made and decorated entirely by hand, small works of art that will embellish your Christmas decorations making them exclusive and with timeless elegance.

Caltagirone ceramic Christmas balls with finely handmade decorations, vintage decor for decorative spheres featuring Santa Claus and happy children, vintage decorations that take you back in time, making us dream of a fairytale atmosphere, which tastes of joy and celebration.

Christmas decorations in Sicilian ceramic from Caltagirone, depicting the typical fruits of Sicily, lemon and prickly pear with miniature nativity scenes inside.

Christmas balls made with the cloisonné technique, with embossed decorations, lemons, prickly pears, chillies, the nativity, the inevitable ceramic Christmas trees and traditional pine cones.

New for Christmas 2022 is the decorative pinecone set and candle holder in Caltagirone ceramic, packed in Sicilian-style wooden boxes.

Each single item is handmade by master potters and decorators, the packages are supplied as in the picture in wooden boxes with Sicilian prints, reusable for multiple uses.

Christmas decor

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