Furniture cushions and plaid set

Throw pillows and plaid set For a cozy and glam Christmas pampered with our warm cushions and plaid sets

Cushions combined with warm and soft plaid bed, designed and handcrafted in our tailoring workshop with refined and high quality fabrics that last over time.

For our country chic collection we were inspired by the desire for tenderness and warmth, we thought of the magic of being in a mountain chalet in front of a fireplace, sink into our soft cushions tartan patterns in different colors and wrap yourself in a warm Scottish tartan plaid, while reading a book, sip a hot herbal tea.

If you love a glamorous and trendy style, we have thought of a luxury collection with decorative cushions and blankets made with precious silk velvets with glamorous patterns.

If you love a timeless classic style, which combines with a modern and at the same time classic environment, you can choose the classic collection with pillows and plaid sets in precious damask with ever-present and timeless baroque decorations.

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