Ceramic party favors

Exclusive souvenir party favors of your unforgettable days

On Maravica.it you will find the party favors for sale online that best suit your needs: birth favors, baptism favors, communion favors, wedding favors, confirmation favors, graduation favors, golden and silver wedding favors, keepsakes for every event special.

Favors are a fundamental part of any ceremony, they are both a kind thought of thanks for the guests and a reminder of the special day you spent together with loved ones. They can be decorative objects that recall the more traditional symbols or colors of the ceremony, or they can be inspired by the theme chosen for the reception.

Increasingly popular, especially this year, are the 2023 wedding favors made up of a useful object, which can be used daily at home, packaged with care and refinement. Then there are the favors that become real good luck charms: the owl, the pine cone. In our online shop you can find these and many other solutions. There is only the embarrassment of choice.

We also offer refined packages, boxes and bags in Sicilian style.

Ceramic party favors

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