Pillows and Cushions

Special furnishing cushions for exclusive furnishings

Throw pillows extra softness and comfort to beds or sofas, while the colors and patterns help add personal style to your home. Decor cushions are a quick way to freshen up the look of any room or match your seasonal décor all year round.

Our throw pillow collection inspired by the latest trends in fashion and home design features a huge host of styles, colors, sizes and designs to suit all your design ideas.

 Cushions for bench are unique and exclusive, because they are designed and manufactured entirely in our sartorial workshop and finished by hand.

For our sofa cushions we let ourselves be, we combine them with history, folklore, the legends of Sicily, we design and create high-quality fabrics, cushions for sofas, bed cushions and outdoor cushions , maintaining the right value for money

We create throw pillows for elegant and luxury home, colorful decorative outdoor bench cushions and daybed cushions to embellish gardens and terraces; bed decorative pillow set for an exsclusive bedroom, throw pillow covers and inserts.

In addition to the standard sizes, you can also find special sizes, we make rectangular cushions and round cushions. We supply cushion covers with padding.

We create customized furnishing cushions and customized cushions for information and quotes contact us


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  • Children's bedroom...

    Beautiful bedroom cushions: high quality and sustainability

    To complete the furnishings of the children's room we offer you original and colorful Maravica bedroom furniture cushions.

    The decorative cushions for children and babies by Maravica are functional and trendy, they stand out for their craftsmanship, made exclusively with high quality and easily washable fabrics, respecting the environment and the highest safety standards; they are entirely designed and made in our tailoring workshops, with particular care in the choice of natural fabrics, such as cotton and linen, removable covers finished without zips and laces, to guarantee safety and comfort.

    Decorative cushions for children and babies are at the same time ideal furnishing accessories for the bedroom, personalizing it with the style and colors you prefer; bedroom pillows are your child's playmates and are perfect for accompanying him to sleep in the sweetest way.

    Very soft cot cushions from soft pastel shades to brighter shades and patterns, square cushions, rectangular cushions and irresistible extra large bedroom cushions, into which your child can dive to play with their friends.

    Available in a wide choice of original and fun patterns, the bedroom furniture cushions will be the ideal complement to children's bed linen.

    Decorative cushions for newborn cradle coordinated with duvet cover and birth bag, in which to store the baby's pajamas or changing clothes.

    The pretty and exclusive birth bags by Maravica are made to coordinate with the pillowcase and duvet cover sets, bassinet pillowcases and duvet covers, with the decorative pillows

    You can personalize the pillow, the duvet cover and the bag with the child's initials, or you can request customizations on measurements. For more information contact us

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