Ceramics of Caltagirone

A journey into the heart of Sicilian creativity

Welcome to Maravica: a journey into the heart of Sicilian creativity. Art, history and legend live in every single artifact.

The artistic ceramics of Caltagirone are made by master potters who, thanks to their art and dexterity, translate our ideas, the lines we have designed into exclusive and functional furnishing objects.

We offer online sales at competitive prices of a typically Sicilian collection of selected ceramics from Caltagirone: from the most classic, such as "teste di moro""pigne artistiche" "lumiere", entirely made and decorated by hand with intense colors, to the most modern, such as "teste di moro" the "lumiere" in the white version, which are well suited to modern furniture and the latest trends in shabby chic style.

Ceramics of Caltagirone

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