Towel bathroom

Exclusive towels and shower sheets for an elegant bathroom

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in our home, it is the place where tired from work we relax and let ourselves be enveloped by the warmth of a hot bath, by the sweet soft light of candles. A small home spa, for which you can choose the towels you prefer: daily, or elegant and refined but always soft and of excellent quality.

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  • Towels

    Exclusive towel sets for a very exsclusive bath

    The towel sets of our collections are designed to be coordinated with other furnishing textiles, such as furniture cushions, bed runners, for this reason they are perfect for furnishing both the homes of those who love having everything coordinated in perfect harmony, and for structures hotel.

    All sets are made of soft high quality cotton terry, available in various shades and finely finished with damask edges and delicate laces, with jacquard edges, with majolica printed fabrics.

    A particularly nice idea may be to combine towels with bathroom tiles, perhaps with a ton sur ton effect. Always take care to carefully combine colors and shades.

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