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Country chic

Country Chic Style Furnishing Textiles the Magic of the Countryside

Our Country chic is inspired by the grandparents' country house

Romantic and warm, the country chic style continues to fascinate home decor enthusiasts, old-time settings, country houses, fabrics and linen from our grandparents. Country Chic is a rustic, essential style made of simple objects and natural materials.

Simple and genuine the country chic style of the Maravica collections is inspired by the countryside of our grandparents on the slopes of Etna with a touch of English and Provencal cottage style.

In the interiors of the houses, country-style farmhouses dominate wood and stone, as far as furnishings are concerned, wood and wrought iron cannot be missing; as regards colors, contrasts are important, with furnishing elements in tones such as brown and green reminiscent of the earth and the countryside.

The country chic furnishing textiles are made with natural fabrics such as cotton, still damasked linen with country design and pattern.

Our country chic is inspired by the Sicilian countryside, and is complemented by wrought iron accessories such as lamps and candelabra. All our items are handcrafted.

Country chic

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