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Coffa sicilian basket

The "sicilian coffa" become exclusive bread baskets

The Sscilian coffa and the hand-woven baskets called "panari" are a real symbol of the tradition of the island, expert craftsmen, weave the tender and very resistant part of the Sicilian dwarf palm leaves. The Sicilian coffa was originally used as a basket for foraging horses or as a container for the transport of material placed on mules.

On sale online on Maravica the Sicilian coffa is proposed as an original furnishing accessory, the small Sicilian coffa basket are proposed as bread baskets, as cheerful and colorful centerpieces with various uses, they can be napkin holders, cutlery trays.

The original Sicilian coffees also to furnish the bathroom by using them as make-up holders or as baskets for washbasins.

The larger Sicilian coffa are offered as exclusive storage baskets, as magazine racks, flower baskets.

The baskets or "panarini" as well as collectibles can also be used in various ways, in the kitchen and in the living room as a decorative object, as an original bread basket, fruit bowl, delicious cutlery tray, or napkin holder.

Coffa sicilian basket

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