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Women's neck warmer

Elegant and glamorous neck warmer: customize your look

Warm, soft and very elegant neck warmers made entirely in our tailoring workshops, they are made with high quality fabrics and glamorous prints, for a very refined look.

The neck warmer is a simple fashion accessory to wear, it livens up and gives character to your style, it can be used instead of jewellery, it protects your neck from the cold; it is an absolutely versatile, practical and comfortable fashion accessory that can be worn on any occasion, to go to work, during outdoor sporting activities, during holidays in the mountains but also on more elegant occasions.

For the winter season choose: elegant women's neck warmer, fleece neck warmer, wool neck warmer, cashmere neck warmer, fur neck warmer, for the spring and summer season choose silk neck warmer, light cotton neck warmer not only to protect you from the wind or cold but to complete your outfit .

The neck warmer band is an accessory that goes with any type of clothing, from the most classic, to the most informal and sporty, the motorbike neck warmer, to the most glamorous.

The neck warmer scarf adapts to the style of both a woman and a girl, both the woman who loves elegant classic clothing and the girl who prefers sporty clothing.

Handmade in our tailoring atelier, in various fabrics from the most elegant and refined, such as velvet, brocade, to the more sporty and versatile such as wool blend and warm, soft fleece.

The women's neck warmer is certainly an essential fashion accessory to face the cold winter days.

Colorful neck warmers with the most diverse patterns are glamorous garments to liven up even a winter outfit with style, very useful for creating an always exclusive and chic look

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