Sicilian ceramic pine cones

Sicilian pine cone for good luck and prosperity

The ceramic pine cone is an object of the Sicilian tradition and lends itself to numerous meanings that have their roots in the distant Babylonian culture, penetrating the Greek and Roman Catholic cultures, with the meaning of cosmic egg linked to the birth of creation, to the principle of all. This is why the pine cone is a symbol of good luck.

The pine cones in Caltagirone ceramic are decorative objects, available in various sizes and colors, from the classic green, to the more modern white and ivory, to red, to blue, they can have the base decorated and painted by hand.

Very special and refined, the lights with the pine cone base or the perforated pine cone lamps, perfect in any environment, combine with both classic and modern furnishings. You can customize the style by combining the lampshade you prefer.

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