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Sofa cushions: choose your exclusive style

In our tailoring workshop we create cushions for bench indoor in line with trendy and glamorous furniture styles.

Thanks to the skill of our seamstresses and to the creativity of our designers we create exclusive collections of cushions for sofa, cushions for chair, cushions with covers.

To make your living area unique and exclusive, we create special handmade decorative cushions, in the most varied shapes: rectangular cushions, round cushions, large cushions.

  • Luxury & Glam: For sophisticated, refined and glamorous environments we have created a line of elegant furniture cushions, velvet cushions, silk cushions.
  • Modern & Contemporary: For a more sober and modern environment we thought of a line of cushions with a contemporary and abstract design, but always classy.
  • Classic & Baroque: damask furniture cushions, velvet cushions, with a luxurious design that evoke the ancient atmospheres of the aristocratic Baroque Sicily.
  • Shabby chic: shabby chic furniture cushions with romantic lace and lace, for the mantles of romantic atmospheres.
  • Country Chic: warm shades of earth and countryside, for the country chic furniture cushions from our collection.

Attentive to your needs, we create personalized cushions and custom-made cushions for sale online for info and quotes. Contact us

Throw pillow

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