Table runner and placemats

Runners and placemats for a colourful table

Table runners and placemats are now a must in our homes and kitchens, they are used to set the kitchen table for breakfast, lunch or dinner; as a decoration on which to place pretty centerpieces, flowers and candles; or the runner is used to give a touch of style and elegance to the table in our living room or lounge.

Choose your style

  • Modern: placemats and modern runners for this type of table runner we have selected high quality fabrics with particular designs that are well combined with modern and contemporary furniture, they are perfect on a glass table or a crystal table.
  • Shabby chic: for breakfast placemats and shabby chic runners we have chosen natural fabrics with delicate nuances, such as linen and cotton, and we have embellished it with lace in perfect shabby chic style. These runner give a romantic effect to your wooden dining or living room table.
  • Elegante & Glam: elegant placemats and table runners that your table is round, square or rectangular to dress it with elegance giving a glam and chic touch choose our exclusive table runners, made with fine fabrics and hand-finished with fringes and trimmings.
  • Christmas: placemats and table runners make the Christmas table unique and refined by setting an elegant table runner, a Christmas table runner on which to place candles and Christmas decorations. Receive your guests in style by dressing the table in your living room with an elegant table runner in perfect harmony with your furniture.
  • Sicilian mood: placemats and Sicilian style runners ifashionable in recent years Sicilian style is also the protagonist on our tables. We have made table runners with majolica, majolica and lemons, majolica and flowers printed cotton fabrics, with prickly pear print fabrics, in perfect Mediterranean style.

For table runners and placemats of our collections for sale online we use high quality fabrics maintaining a fair relationship between quality and price

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Table runner and placemats

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