Maravica is an Italian luxury brand made in Sicily specialized in home couture, in the creation of exclusive, precious and functional artisan furnishing accessories.

Maravica is a tribute to Sicily, the name is born, in fact, from the conjunction of sea and lava stone. A way to thank the earth that gave birth to us by helping to make it known in the world for its many wonders.

Maravica is inspired by the sumptuousness of the Sicilian baroque style, the ancient art of lace and laces, the tradition and folklore of the colorful Sicilian carts, the history and legend of the "puppets".

Our collections are designed to furnish welcoming, warm, elegant and refined environments, cared for in every single detail.

Exclusive textile coordinates

All home textile items are designed, designed and manufactured in our atelier.

We study the reference market, with particular attention to the latest trends dictated by the world of fashion and home & fashion design, interpreting them according to our corporate philosophy.

From inspirations to creativity: we design the collection, the articles that compose it, we carefully choose high-quality and precious fabrics, we produce the products. The cut, the basting and the application of borders, trimmings, laces and lace on every single item is done by hand.

Tradition and design

Ceramics from Caltagirone

The items we offer in our collections are of artisan manufacture, we carefully select the artisans who, thanks to their art and manual skills, translate our ideas, the lines we designed into exclusive and functional items of furniture.

The materials are those of the typical Sicilian craftsmanship, the clay that becomes terracotta and then ceramic, majolica, porcelain; wrought iron.

Ideas and creations arise from visual suggestions that are reworked and created with the aim of creating elegant and effective environments from both a visual and aesthetic point of view.

We focus on the quality of materials and careful processing to create unique items that can last over time, without ever losing their essence, their value.