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Welcome to our online shop, Maravica designs, produces fabrics and markets furnishing textiles, high-end fashion accessories that respect man and the environment, precious and exclusive Sicilian ceramics.

Maravica offers the opportunity to directly purchase our creations to furnish your homes and make them welcoming and personal with cushions, furnishing textiles and accessories of fine Italian manufacturing.

We at Maravica are committed to offering our customers unique items, handmade with care by the best Sicilian artisans and the most skilled seamstresses.

We offer a collection of timeless exclusive items made with high quality fabrics to ensure durability and sustainability.

Sustainability and respect for the environment

  • High quality products. Fight against waste - In line with the UN Agenda 2030, Maravica Arreda con Arte's corporate strategies aim at innovation, digitalisation and sustainable growth.
  • To make our products we use natural and high quality materials, always remaining faithful to the ancient artisan technique, while at the same time guaranteeing durability over time, avoiding waste. Long-lasting collections allow us to overcome excessive consumerism,
  • The company has embraced the concept of the circular economy and therefore the fight against waste.
  • Careful planning of the supply of all fabrics allows you to reduce waste.
  • Up-cycling allows you to give new life and value to surplus by creating samples and small gadgets
  • Enhanced quality control minimizes returns.
  • As regards product safety, for the creation of our articles we choose fabrics free of formaldehyde or heavy metals in the production processes to safeguard both our employees and the end user

Investments in training

We consider the human factor very important as it brings added value and a source of competitive advantage. For this reason we maintain and update our knowledge by attending online and offline training courses.

For us the human side of artists and artisans is very important, we establish with them mainly relationships of true and sincere friendship, respect and cordiality, because we believe that by sharing healthy values and passions for art, craftsmanship and of course by love for our Sicily can create original collections made up of unique and exclusive pieces.

For Equal Opportunities

Maravica is a female company, and it is a company that meets the needs of women thanks to the organization of work that takes into consideration a good balance between professional and private life

“Knowing how to look beyond” is our mission

This project was born from an innate passion for the world of interior design and fashion. Our goal is to offer our customers unique and exclusive custom made and customizable pieces, so that they can find items that reflect their personality and furnish their homes or environments in a completely personal way.

All textile items from furniture to women's fashion accessories are designed and made by us by tailors and craftsmen with the highest quality fabrics and exclusive designs.

We are working on a structured project with a view to creating a "human" approach for people towards art, design and the world of fashion accessories.

Digitalization to promote the image of Sicily

In line with the objectives of the European Union programming 2021-2027, for a more "intelligent" and technologically advanced Sicily, we have chosen to market our products through the e-commerce and e-business channel, in order to use the advantage of digitalization to promote the image of Sicily, and its vast cultural heritage.

The Maravica collections are a tribute to Sicily, its history and its ancient traditions, thanks to the skilled hands of artisans we create furniture collections and fashion accessories collections.

Exclusive items with ancient charm embellished with typical Sicilian decorations and applications. Masterpieces that arise from the fusion of the most ancient traditions with the most advanced technologies.