About us

Maravica is an Italian brand, made in Sicily, specializing in the creation of handmade furnishing accessories, which has been on the market for three years and is establishing itself in the world of Luxury.

Maravica is a small company that we can define as "born global", because since the planning of the activity, we wanted to impress a highly internationalized vision, according to a precise business strategy.

This strategic design is the result of the high cultural propensity and international personal experiences gained by our business group.

Maravica is a tribute to Sicily, the name is born, in fact, from the conjunction of sea and lava stone. A way to thank the earth that gave birth to us by helping to make it known in the world for its many wonders.

The items we offer are exclusive because they are designed and manufactured with high quality fabrics.

Our mission is to furnish with style and elegance, with unique items, which are true works of art, because they tell a tradition, because they narrate a legend, because they bring back in time making, relive the ancient glories of Sicily, because they tell our.

Maravica is inspired by the sumptuousness of the Sicilian baroque style, the ancient art of lace and laces, the tradition and folklore of the colorful Sicilian carts, the history and legend of the "puppets".

Exclusive textile coordinates

We have created a tailoring, because our grandmothers tailors have handed down to us the wonderful art of sewing.

We feel the fabric, its silkiness, its softness to the touch, observing the fantasy of the print we let ourselves be inspired, we already see what we want to achieve.

We study and analyze the latest trends dictated by the world of fashion and home & fashion design, we interpret them based on the history, the tradition we want to tell and translate them into articles, be it a sofa cushion, a runner, a plaid, everything has a soul for us.

From inspirations to creativity: we design the collection, the articles that compose it, we carefully choose high-quality and precious fabrics, we produce the products, which we finish by hand with care for every single detail.

Tradition and design

Sicilian ceramics

The choice to include only ceramic pine cones and dark browns in our catalog has a very precise motivation, which is linked to the meaning of these objects to what they symbolize.

The pine cone, symbolizing the egg, therefore the principle of life, is a symbol of prosperity and luck.

For us, every new collection, every new project is a new life that is born, that fills us with emotions.

Moor's heads are the protagonists of a legend that tells of love and passion.

The love for our land, Sicily, is what pushed us to create our brand, which we grow with passion, day after day, with the aim of satisfying our customers.

All ceramic objects are handmade by Caltagirone master potters, carefully selected by us to translate our ideas, the lines we designed into exclusive and functional furnishing objects.

Ideas and creations arise from visual suggestions that are reworked and created with the aim of creating elegant and effective environments from both a visual and aesthetic point of view.

We focus on the quality of materials and careful processing to create unique items that can last over time, without ever losing their essence, their value.