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Maravica is an Italian concept brand, made in Sicily, a "born global" company that operates in the field of craftsmanship and creativity. It is a company specializing in the creation of handcrafted, exclusive and custom-made furnishing accessories, coordinated furnishing textiles and Sicilian artistic ceramics.

A line of artisanal products that are marketed through the e-commerce channel, in order to use the advantage of digitization to promote the image of Sicily, and its vast cultural heritage.

Maravica collections are a tribute to Sicily, its history and its ancient traditions. The tailoring laboratory, where all the furnishing textile collections are designed and created, is located in Catania; in Caltagirone we have our reference laboratories where expert ceramic masters give shape to our ideas, transforming them into works of art.

Cushions, lampshades, accessories, decorations, furnishing accessories, are unique pieces, entirely refined and rigorously handmade. The originality and attention to detail make these works real masterpieces of craftsmanship, "treasures of the past".

Exclusive items with an ancient charm embellished with typical Sicilian decorations and applications. Masterpieces that arise from the fusion of the most ancient traditions with the most advanced technologies.

We have internalized the concept of sustainability and respect for the environment, throughout the production and marketing chain.

In line with the European Green Deal, the corporate strategies of Maravica Arreda con Arte aim at innovation, digitization, sustainable growth in order to strengthen the competitiveness and sustainability of the production system. For the manufacture of our products we use natural materials of the highest quality, always remaining faithful to the ancient artisan technique, while at the same time ensuring durability and avoiding waste.

In line with the objectives of the 2021-2027 European Union programming, for a more "intelligent" and technologically advanced Sicily, we have chosen to market our products through the e-commerce and e-business channels.