About us

Maravica is an Italian brand specialized in home couture, in the creation of exclusive, precious and functional handcrafted furnishing accessories.

We wanted to call our brand Maravica as a tribute to Sicily, born, in fact, from the conjunction of sea and lava rock, the two things that immediately make you think of Sicily. A way to thank the land that gave us birth, helping to make it known in the world for its many wonders.

Maravica is inspired by the sumptuousness of the Sicilian Baroque style, the ancient art of lace and lace, the tradition and the folklore of the colorful Sicilian carts, the history and legend of the "puppets".

Our collections are designed to furnish cozy, warm, elegant and refined style environments, cared for in every single detail.

Household inen

All home textile products are designed and manufactured directly by us.

We study the reference market, with particular attention to the latest trends dictated by the world of home & fashion design, interpreting them according to our company philosophy.

From inspirations to creativity: we design the collection, the items that compose it, we carefully choose fine and high quality fabrics, we make the products. The cut, the basting and the application of borders, trimmings, lace on each item is done by hand.

Lamps and objects

The articles we offer in our collections are made of craftsmanship, we carefully select the artisans who, thanks to their art and dexterity, translate our ideas, the lines we have designed into exclusive and functional furnishing objects.

The materials are those of the typical Sicilian craftsmanship, the clay that becomes terracotta and then ceramics, majolica, porcelain; wrought iron, wood.

Ideas and creations are born from visual suggestions that are re-elaborated and realized with the aim of creating elegant and striking environments from both a visual and an aesthetic point of view.

We focus on the quality of materials and careful workmanship to create unique items that can last over time, without ever losing their essence, their value.

Our collections

Sicily Collection

 We have decided to create masterpieces of art and craftsmanship that are inspired by the most ancient traditions, which are handcrafted by skilled craftsmen to meet the needs of the most imaginative and demanding customer.

Decorate with art ... to live between past and present ... to amaze, for those who love to surround themselves with unique, exclusive objects that tell centuries of history, legends, of a culture rich in a thousand facets and a thousand colors.

For this collection we are inspired by the gaudy colors of the Sicilian cart "carretto siciliano", from the history and legend of the puppets "pupi" and even from the baroque that dominates in Sicilian architecture.

The realization of the products of the "Sicily Collection" line is entrusted to master craftsmen who create exclusively for Maravica.

Cushions, lampshades, accessories, decorations, furnishings, are unique pieces, refined by the luxurious allure entirely and rigorously handmade. 

The Sicilian style is much appreciated thanks to its varied facets ranging from rustic to classic; its colors are the warm colors of the sun, the earth and the volcano, the cooler but equally haunting tones of the sky and the depths of the sea.

Luxury Collection

For our most classic collection we were inspired by the sumptuousness and elegance of the Sicilian Baroque style, its floral decorations, its sinuous lines.

The collection is designed for lovers of luxury and glam style, for those who love to surround themselves with refined accessories made with fine fabrics and high quality, for those who love to receive and amaze their guests in a cozy and elegant home.

Cushions, table runners, table covers made with refined fabrics, entirely hand-made and finished with care and attention to detail.

The lamps and objects that we have included in the "Luxury & Glam" collection have been designed by us and made by master craftsmen for us.

Shabby chic Collection

We are inspired by the latest trends in the Shabby chic style, we think of light, simple and romantic atmospheres in shades of white, ivory and pastel colors ... a play of transparencies on embroidery and lace, which are an ancient art Sicilian.

The collection is made of quality natural fabrics (linen, cotton, cotton sateen) that guarantee durability over time, and enriched with lace that evoke ancient and romantic atmospheres.

All items are designed and handcrafted in our laboratories, cutting, basting and application of borders, trimmings, lace on each item is done by hand, sewing is done with sewing machines, finishing is performed by hand.