Blu ceramic sicilian pigna pine cone handmade in Caltagirone made in Sicily

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The pine cone is an ornamental object of the Sicilian ceramic tradition, it is made and hand-painted by master potters from Caltagirone. It is a well-wishing lucky charm with multiple meanings.

H cm 17

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Artisan craftsmanship

  Skilled ceramic artisans make both large and small Sicilian pine cones. The first job is that of the lathe, which thanks to the lathe forges the base cap and the supporting foot which will be joined following a first drying. Then, with great skill and meticulousness, the craftsman models the bracts of the pine cone one by one, using only the fingers.

The product is first dried in the air and then baked in the oven, only after it is glazed and cooked again.

Being an artisan article, it could present small imperfections, which characterize the work done by hand without the aid of industrial means. This peculiarity must not be considered a defect but a characteristic of the product itself.


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